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How to write an essay about politics?

Politics is a broad and complex subject, making it difficult to write an essay about. However, there are some basic tips that can help you make your essay more effective.

First, make sure to do your research. It is important to have a strong understanding of the topic you are writing about. This will help you articulate your thoughts more clearly and make your argument more convincing.

Second, be sure to structure your essay logically. An effective essay should have a clear introduction, body paragraphs that develop your argument, and a conclusion that ties everything together. By following this structure, you will ensure that your essay flows smoothly and is easy for readers to follow.

Third, use specific and concrete examples to support your claims. Abstract concepts can be difficult for readers to grasp, so using specific examples will help them understand your points more easily.

Finally, proofread your essay carefully before submitting it. Even small errors can detract from the quality of your work, so it is important to catch any mistakes before your instructor does.

By following these tips, you can write an effective essay about politics. Just remember to do your research, structure your argument logically, and use concrete examples to support your claims. With a little effort, you can produce an essay that is both informative and well-written.

Topic first

Picking a topic for your essay may seem daunting at first, but usually, you have some control over what to write about. To choose a relevant subject matter, try and go for something broad enough that generates many talking points but not so much so that it feels like you’re writing a novel. For example, “Major Organized Religions” would be too large of an idea to explore in one paper; while “The Three Most Important Jewish Holidays”, on the other hand would fit nicely into classic five paragraph format. It’s also crucial to pick a topic that you are interested in when writing an excellent essay. It may take time and require significant study to write a good essay, so it’s important to choose a subject that interests you.

Dive deep into the topic

Before you start your essay, it’s crucial to have a general idea of what you want to say about your topic. The best way to organize all of your thoughts is by brainstorming them out beforehand. Write down any and every thought related to things you’d like to include in your final piece, such as key points, examples, or illustrations. At this stage, don’t worry if these ideas seem unorganized or unrelated. Once you’ve got everything written down that comes to mind regarding your topic – no matter how big or small the details may be – it’ll be time for the next step.

Structure is crucial

Thesis statement

Keep your thesis statement in mind while brainstorming, as it is the main point you are trying to prove. Your whole essay will be centered around this idea, so make sure it is strong. This will become your first paragraph.

Body paragraphs

Once you have your thesis, identify three points to support it. These will be your 3 body paragraphs. Depending on the type of essay, the organization of your body paragraphs might change slightly. For example, if your three points build upon each other, arrange them so point one leads to point two and point two leads to point three.

If you’re writing an essay comparing and contrasting two points of view, there are a few different ways to structure your argument. You can start with the most convincing argument and work your way down to the weakest, or begin with the opposing viewpoint and refute it. As long as readers know what point is being addressed, it doesn’t matter whether you use topic sentences to describe which side is being discussed.


Lastly, consider what you will want to communicate in the conclusion, which will be your fifth paragraph.

Time to write

It’s time to sit down and write your essay after you have brainstormed some ideas and organized your thoughts!


Your thesis should be stated at the beginning of your paper, along with what your three supporting points will be. A general outline is all that’s needed in the introduction—you don’t want to give too much away. Lastly, transition into the body of your paper with a hook that alerts the reader to what they can expect.

First argument

Your strongest argument or point is this. To back up the major theme of the paragraph, include examples, visuals, or evidence.

Second argument

This argument or point should follow your strongest one. Support the main topic of the paragraph with examples, illustrations, or data.

Third argument

Your weakest argument should be included in this paragraph, along with examples or data to support the main topic.


The conclusion of your essay is the final paragraph. The thesis must be restated, the three points should be summarized, and a powerful last statement should be made that concludes and closes the essay.


Although it may seem that all great authors write a book and send it out into the world, this process couldn’t be further from the truth. In fact, revision and editing are key components to writing of any type, but especially when trying to create a strong essay.

After you have written your paper, put it away for some time so you can read it with fresh eyes. You may have read your paper a thousand times already, but sometimes stepping back for awhile is helpful. As you re-read your work look for ways to strengthen your argument or improve grammar. Additionally check for punctuation and spelling errors as well as areas that could be rewritten to be more clear or purposeful.

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