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Essay sample about wine production

Wine production is a complex process that involves a number of steps, from grape cultivation to bottling the finished product. In between these two stages, there are a number of important steps that must be carried out carefully in order to produce high-quality wine.

Grape cultivation is the first step in wine production and it is important to choose the right grape variety for the type of wine you want to produce. The climate and soil in which the grapes are grown also play a role in determining the final quality of the wine.

Once the grapes have been harvested, they must be crushed and fermented in order to turn them into wine. This process can take several weeks or even months, depending on the type of wine being made.

After fermentation, the wine is aged in barrels or bottles. This helps to develop the flavour and character of the wine. Once the wine has been aged, it is ready to be bottled and sold.

Wine production is a complex process, but by following these steps you can produce high-quality wines that will be enjoyable to drink. With a little practice, you’ll be able to make your own delicious wines at home.

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Overall situation

Despite the coronavirus epidemic, wine sales in the United States are rather healthy. Furthermore, the epidemic has encouraged new producers and customers to make online purchases, prompting them to sell more wine online. However, when this increase in demand for wine sold over the internet is seasonal, there may be a substantial drop in internet sales. Maintaining the rate of online retail’s development is therefore one of the industry’s challenges.

Another issue is getting into the market for new brands or variations on existing items, since purchasers are hesitant to purchase from unfamiliar suppliers. Furthermore, growth in internet sales allows for additional revenue by expanding distribution to previously under-served audiences: Generation Zers. They prefer low-cost beverages like beer and low-alcohol products, as well as status drinks made by mixologists.

Industry analysis

Though 21% of the American population does not drink alcohol for health concerns, the U.S. continues to lead in wine exports worldwide, including prime importers such as Australia, Italy and Spain Briscoe (2020). Millennials and Baby Boomers are some of the most significant drivers of this demand– together they consume 68% of America’s wine Thach (2020). Did you know that two-thirds of the wine Americans drink is domestically produced? Wine is grown in every state across America, with California as the dominant leader in production due to its vast and advantageous geographical location. Not only does California produce the most wine volume-wise, but also boast a large variety and high quality of wines.

Recently, the players in the wine industry have started to learn new ways of doing business. They adopted new retail methods; for example, online retailers such as Winc buys products directly from manufacturers, which shortens the manufacturer’s path to reach the final consumer (Briscoe 2020). Another model that businesses use is when businesses like 90+ Cellars bring in online retailers to sell their brand of wine. The model of Naked Wines turned out to be the most successful and best-selling in terms of sales. This firm provides internet sales services to a variety of local manufacturers.

In place of the old distribution and selling model, this division of responsibilities in the network is an alternative that experts believe will assist decrease pricing costs while improving client satisfaction. As a result, online wine sales have benefited from the coronavirus epidemic. Online sales, on the other hand, might plummet dramatically after the epidemic has ended, which is a concern for the sector as a whole.

Research credibility

To make decisions about an existing problem, we will use data from reliable sources. For example, the research study Pomarici et al. (2017) polled 504 New York residents living in the MSA. We chose this study because it is relevant; 8% of all national wine sales come from New York state alone. According to the researchers, segmenting buyers based on their purchasing practices and personal preferences will enable them to be placed into groups that are more acceptable for targeted marketing.

The scientists looked at 11 criteria, with personal experience and customer recommendations being the most important. The bright product label was found to be the least crucial. These findings are similar to those of previous comparable research. This study employed quantitative techniques and assessed the responses of 504 participants selected based on a demographic sample. Participants completed questionnaires that had closed multivariate answers; the questions provided guidance in defining participants’ purchasing characteristics and dividing them into categories.

The research in this report relies on data from wine industry expert Dr. Liz Thach, who published an article on the state of the U.S. wine industry in 2020 on her blog. The author used 22 credible sources to write the report, including articles published in scientific journals and information from journalistic publications (Thach, 2020). The author has provided comprehensive statistics on the state of affairs in the industry as well as a careful analysis of how the coronavirus has affected it, including online sales growth.

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